Weekly Update #48 - Tutorial, Tweaks & Capsules 20.2 - 26.2

Feb 26, 2017 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

This week I improved the tutorial, did some playtesting and patched a bunch of random things, and did some work towards the Steam Store page of the game.

I felt that the old tutorial level didn’t make a whole lot of sense story-wise. The tutorial happened before the intro cutscene, and once the actual gameplay started, it wasn’t really apparent why the player had a weapon. The new tutorial starts in a prison where the player gets his hands on a weapon. The content in the tutorial is pretty much the same as previously, with the exception that due to popular requests, I added an explanation for switches to the tutorial. Anyways, here’s a screenshot of the new tutorial level.

That's right. Climb up you filthy prisoner!

I had a small moment in time during the week where my “gameplay” task list was empty, so I decided to play through the game. This helped me to notice a few more things that needed polishing and I already managed to fix some of those. The playtesting was also a great motivation boost as it had been a while since I last played through the game. I was reminded that I have a pretty solid product on my hands and I felt really proud of myself!

Lastly, I did some work on the game’s Steam Store page. There’s still a few things to do before I can set it to public but it’s looking pretty awesome! For an example Steam requires me to set a launch date before making the page public, so I need to figure out a date when I’ll be ready with the game. I made some super awesome capsule art for the page. The idea started with a very simple version with the characters on a forest background with the logo above them. Then I tried the same image out with the prison background and really liked it. After that the idea of a weapon-rain hit me. I’m really happy with how it turned out!

Such branding!

Anyways, that’s it for this week! Next week I might start looking into making a trailer, or maybe I’ll just end up doing some boring content system programming. Thanks a lot for dropping by!

  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks
  • Fixed save progress going down on case prisoners
  • Fixed enemy grenades toggling traps
  • Fixed hostages on trucks
  • Improved ending cutscene
  • Improved plasma weapon system after game completion
  • Improved spike trap feel
  • Improved missile launcher behaviour
  • Made a few sounds less loud
  • Grenades now activate pressure switches
  • Player now moves to the next level in the level selection view
  • Story cutscenes no longer play on level replays
  • Rotations are now done with floats instead of integers
  • Main menu now has a rotating logo

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