Weekly Update #29 - Desert Features & Level Selecting 19.9 - 25.9

Sep 25, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I had a pretty productive week, and now that my Swedish final is over I have more time to spend on the game! First off all, I have some new desert stuff to show. I made a new level in the beginning of the week, and today I added rising platforms that will allow me to make some small jumping challenges. Here you can see a screenshot of the new level and the rising platforms in action. The new level uses a combination of ferris wheels and moving platforms.

Time your jumps carefully! I spent most of the week fixing bugs, mainly bugs related to elevators. As I had gotten vertical moving platforms working very smoothly, I wanted to translate that behaviour onto the elevators. I was able to do that very nicely, and now elevator riding is a lot smoother! And the crushing code is a lot cleaner! To test the elevators, I had to play a level with an elevator, that happened to be quite far in the level selection menu. So, I got this idea of somehow improving the level selection menu. I decided to implement a grid based menu screen, that will allow faster navigation. To accomplish this, I had to do a small refactor on the code that managed menu selection movement, but all in all I was able to implement the menu in a clean way. In the future, I should be able to reuse this menu screen for custom levels! Look at the beautiful grid! That’s it for this week! Thanks for reading!

  • Added an item to the pause menu that allows opening the current level in the level editor
  • Increased the main menu logo size
  • Fixed temple doors at narrow roofs
  • Fixed character’s dying in lava crashing the game
  • Fixed ice sliding
  • Fixed god mode health state
  • Added support for different scale origins

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