Weekly Update #3 - A quite quiet week 7.3 - 13.3

Mar 13, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

Here we go again! In the previous update I mentioned the issues I had with the player movement on the elevator. Luckily I got that fixed already on Monday, so not too much time was lost on that glitchy movement. Here’s the player happily taking a lift: The down movement is a little shaky but you can live with it. Last week I finally got a round to adding a new enemy that I’ve been planning to add for a long time. The new enemy is slower, tankier, and holds a badass minigun. Oh and he has a beatiful mustache. Look at him walk. Gorgeus! Probably the biggest improvement to the game I made this week was the new level select screen for the multiplayer mode. The old level selection menu was a simple list with level names on it. The new menu displays thumbnails of each and scrolls them when the level is hovered on. Sadly, the current design does not work with mouse navigation, but that can be fixed with some minor changes to the menu. The new level select menu with thumbnails and all. Lastly I have a WIP image of a tutorial level I’m working on and a small gif of the tent brush. The level is missing a military commander character, but most of the tutorial elements are there. Welcome to boot camp, rookie!

Welcome to boot camp, rookie! I also worked on making an installer for the game to use for the upcoming alpha and beta builds. I had to write out this huge XML file, but that was pretty much it. The future demos will definitely use the installer. Like last week, I’ll end with a list of smaller tweaks and changes I made to the game. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Fixed tile pointer getting hidden in level editor
  • Fixed thumbnail generator using wrong filenames
  • Added level renaming to the editor
  • Centered gif rectangle by default
  • Improved cutscene text message rendering
  • Polished explosion and box breaking particle effects

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