Weekly Update #45 - Finishing World Map & Remastering 30.1 - 5.2

Feb 5, 2017 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

This going to be quite a boring update but let’s get to it anyways!

I spent some time polishing and finishing off the new world map. It works really smoothly now and I added even a cool new transition for selecting levels. I’m super happy about the rework and it really improves the game a lot. I also composed a short background music loop for the map which I think turned out really well:

A lot of time has also been put into mastering the soundtrack of the game. I think I have all the tracks ready and most of the mixing is done. The main thing left to do is to balance volumes between songs. I’ve also thought about dividing the songs up into two songs per world, with the last boss base area only having one song due to its shorter length. My main concern is that I don’t want the music to get too repetitive, but I think I have loops interesting enough so that I could pull this off.

Anyways, this is pretty much all I have to write about this week. Thanks a lot for dropping by!

  • Fixed world map input device listening
  • Fixed a cutscene instruction crash
  • Fixed a decal manager crash due to uninitialized renderer
  • Fixed zero-division in shield code
  • Fixed date calculations
  • Fixed controller pause button
  • Fixed level editor crashing due to missing music file
  • Changed the way the tutorial level is handled
  • Improved save selection menu look and feel

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