Weekly Update #6 - Performance & Levels 29.3 - 3.4

Apr 3, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I spent most of the week trying to locate a performance issue that was bringing the FPS down by a lot. I was checking for collisions in the gun entities, which was not necessary. All characters have a weapon, so removing the checking was quite an improvement. I’m currently focusing on putting out a demo build, so the rest of the week was spent adding levels and improving the tutorial cutscene. So I will share some of the thumbnails of the new levels I made. First, pictures of the prison levels I made. A new prison level. These are actual thumbnail images that the game generates for each level. The thumbnails are used for an example in the level selection menu I showed a couple of weeks ago. A new prison level. One more, this one has more vertical stuff! A new prison level. I also made a small introduction level to the jungle environment, that acts as a rebellion base in the jungle. There are no enemies in the level, only structures and supplies. A jungle introduction level. There's also a trampoline! Yesterday I improved the HUD. I added a respawn timer to the player respawns in local multiplayer, so I needed a way to display the respawn time. I also tweaked the display so that the player sprite switches to a temporary skeleton sprite. It's a spooky skeleleleleton. That pretty much concludes the visual progress of this week. I’ll keep working on more levels for a demo along with fixing critical bugs. Here’s the weekly boring change list. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Fixed minor performance bugs
  • Fixed framerate limiting not working in release builds
  • Fixed list box hovering
  • Fixed file dialog focus
  • Fixed camera zooming
  • Added renderer state stack
  • Added an installer file generator

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