Weekly Update #19 - New levels & unstable tiles 11.7 - 17.7

Jul 17, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

There aren’t a ton of new awesome gameplay features to show this week, but I got some nice progress done this week in terms of making actual playable content for the game. So let’s see what got done this week! I added a red tint to the game screen when the player’s health is low and added a flashing effect to the HUD’s health label. I really like this addition as it makes you actually feel that you’re low on health. You easily notice it now and realize that it might be a good idea to search for a health kit. The tint is a radial gradient with tons of transparency.

Linear interpolation is the key to everything. I’m a little embarrassed about this week’s new feature. It seems like such a basic platformer game element that it’s weird that I hadn’t implemented it until now. Anyways, the game now has blocks that fall down after the player has walked ontop of them. I already had a ton of fun making levels with these new blocks, getting enemies to walk on them and then walking over the blocks, dropping enemies into the dark void below the levels. The blocks are destroyed after a small delay. Lastly, the game got a bunch of new levels this week, and currently the jungle environment is only missing a boss fight. Here is a picture of my favorite new level: The blocks are destroyed after a small delay. That’s it for this week, thanks for dropping by!

Changelist has made a return:

  • Added save date to save files
  • Fixed player’s collecting health kits at full health
  • Fixed boss bubble scale bug
  • Fixed boss level camera bug
  • Fixed elevator crushing on large enemies
  • Fixed weapon bubbles showing on equipping
  • Fixed cutscene camera commands
  • Fixed prisoner gravity
  • Fixed horrible crash on font metrics
  • Improved enemy positioning
  • Improved text dimension calculation performance

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