Weekly Update #15 - Multiplayer & Menu improvements 30.5 - 6.6

Jun 6, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I had my last exams last week, and I got some small progress made during the week. I don’t have many gameplay features to show, but I made some other improvements. I also want to apologize for being one day late, yesterday just went by so quickly. In the beginning of the week I changed the multiplayer game mode scheme of the game. Multiplayer used to be enabled only in the arcade game mode, where you would choose a level from all the levels in the game and then play that with your friends. Now you can do that, but you can also play the game campaign with your friends. Just two guys, having a great time. I also made a new song for the game! I’ve titled it “Prison Theme”, but I’m not 100% sure that it’s named correctly. Anyways, here’s the track, have a listen!

There was a small thing in the level selection menu that had always annoyed me. The last and first level items were centered along the other items, so I felt that screenspace was wasted. I fixed that, and added the level names under the other level items too. Here’s an image of the improved level selection screen. So slick! And as last but definitely not least, I started working on a new level mode, where you have a timelimit in which you need to destroy a bomb that has been dropped to the level. The basic functionality is in, I just need to polish the mode overall. Here’s an image of the bomb dropping down on to the level. So many bombs... That’s all for this week, I’ll add the changelist to the end of the post like usually, and then get back to fixing bugs and improving the bomb mode.

  • Fixed returning to main menu
  • Removed unused SDL extensions
  • Improved credits state
  • Cleaned solution files

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