Weekly Update #20 - Jungle boss 18.7 - 24.7

Jul 25, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

Last week wasn’t very productive, but I still have some stuff to show. I posted last week’s update also to IndieDB, and got a frontpage article spot over there, which was really awesome. As this week’s update isn’t very impressive, I won’t be copyng this update to other platforms. This week I finished off the jungle environment with a boss fight. The fight isn’t anything extremely clever, but it does the job of a boss fight and is challenging. It starts with a chase like in the prison boss. This time, the boss has a huge saw blade that kills everything that touches the blade. At the end the boss drops the blade, and starts rapidly shooting rockets at the player. Here are a few screenshots of the fight.

Such intense.

Much rockets. This week I will try to complete some smaller tasks I have in my task list, and probably getting started on the next environment. Have a nice week!

Lame changelist:

  • Added level restart button to pause menu
  • Added selection animation to world map
  • Fixed a few entity interactions

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