Weekly Update #43 - Weapon Bubbles 8.1 - 15.1

Jan 15, 2017 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I don’t feel like writing an intro paragraph, so right into the action: Each weapon in the game now has an unique bubble. I received feedback about how the weapons aren’t really distictive enough, and given my very limited weapon sprite resolution, I thought I’d make it easier to spot which weapon you’re about to pick up with a bubble sprite!

The new tutorial.

I also composed a new song, an alternative winter theme. The names of the tracks are mainly for keeping track of what’s done, as I plan to just play all the tracks on a nice level based loop. Given that I’ve planned basically two tracks per environment, I think that’s too few to keep those two tracks for a single environment. Anyways, here’s the track:

I also did some code cleaning this week. I fixed some errors pointed out by a static analyzer. I also replaced my old filesystem code that was implemented using WinAPI calls with the new and shiny std::filesystem. It was a really pleasant experience and the whole conversion took maybe ten minutes!

Anyways, thanks for dropping by and sorry for the short post.

  • Improved slow-motion & fast-forwarding
  • Added transparency to weapon bubbles
  • Tweaked credits

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