Weekly Update #18 - Greenlight, world & sprites 20.6 - 10.7

Jul 10, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

It’s been a while since the last weekly update, mainly because I haven’t done a lot of progress on the game. A few weeks ago I launched the game’s Greenlight campaign. The first few days went really well, but after a couple of days, new visitors stopped appearing and the game’s progress trough Greenlight has been on a decrease ever since. I’m not sure if the game will get lit, but what I’ve heard is that it’s not unusual for developers (at least those who don’t get lit in a few weeks) to live in a certain amount of self-doubting and uncertainty. Now I’ve gotten myself back to working on the game and I try to not look at the stats too often anymore. So, let’s get to the new stuff! Quite quickly after launching the Greenlight campaign I got a suggestion to change a few sprites to a little different ones. So, the game now has new cage and icon sprites. Cages are more curvy and can also now be attached to ceilings, allowing for more variation in level designs. You can see the new sprites below. The new cage and cage pointer. This week I added a world map to the game. The world map nicely divides the game campaign into more clearer parts and allows the player to track their progress more easily. It also allows level revisiting, and the game also encourages doing so with tracking stats about the levels. The amount of prisoners saved and the time used for the level is saved to the save file, and displayed in the world map. You can see a picture of the world map below. World map! Whooo! I’ve also fixed a couple of bugs but I’m feeling lazy so there isn’t a change list this time. I’ll also try to get back to posting these updates weekly. Thanks for dropping by!

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