Weekly Update #26 - Rotating things and desert 29.8 - 4.9

Sep 4, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I was sick the beginning of the week, but luckily I was able to work on the game quite productively at the end of the week. I have some cool stuff to show, so let’s go! I added spinning blades to the game. The entity simply uses a static blade, and spins that around in a circle while the spinner arm rotates behind the blade. All in all the implementation was quite easy. However, I had to add support for varying rotation origins to the engine. It seemed like a simple task at first, as SDL simply wants a point to rotate things around. Different rotations however change the appearance (in terms of location) of sprites a lot, and I had to change my renderer culling code quite a bit. It all works very smoothly and nicely now, and I’m happy that I got to do some cool programming. Nothing special, just a big blade, on an arm. Now, while I thought that I was done with the winter environment, I had to make some cool levels with these blades, and I might even add more later on. I think these add a lot of variety to levels, and I just love how dangerous and deadly they look. They also nicely improve the platforming aspect of the game. Here are a few screenshots of the new levels. You get the best screenshots while jumping.

You get the best screenshots while jumping. After the blades, I started the work on the desert environment. After a good amount of fighting with the tiles, I ended up with quite nice looking structure tiles for the desert environment. I have big plans for the environment, and I’m super hyped about it! The current plan is to have all the levels of the environment happen inside one huge pyramid. Those columns took a long time. Then I wanted to get started on the gameplay mechanics for the desert theme. I had the idea for a ferris wheel a while back, and I thought that it would probably be a good fit for the desert environment. While it took a while to get the platforms behaving properly, the implementation for the wheel was surprisingly simple. I can’t wait to use these in actual levels! It's a long gif, so I apologize for the color quality. That’s it for the new visual stuff this week. Thanks a lot for reading!

  • Fixed blades burning
  • Fixed cutscene dialog bubble not hiding on early exit
  • Removed unused debug code
  • Added player data saving over level restarts

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