Weekly Update #4 - Slower, slower than ever 14.3 - 20.3

Mar 20, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

It’s Sunday again, and Sunday means that it’s time to write another weekly update. I don’t have much to show as I was super busy with school work this week, and I will be busy the beginning of the next week too, but then I have a five-day holiday to spend on the game. The biggest and most awesome new feature this week is the consumable item system: grenades. That’s right. You can kill enemies and blow up boxes with grenades now. Boom! I also added loot crates the restore grenades. Currently you start with 5 grenades, and each loot kit restores 4 grenades. The loot crates are similar to the health kits. That’s pretty much all the visual progress this week. I did a big refactor on the game framework’s sound system and I added many new sounds to the game. Most of them are still placeholders that will someday get replaced with better sounding, well, sounds. I also composed a small song. I’m not quite sure if it’ll make it to the game though. Currently I’m fighting with some memory corruption engine-breaking bugs, but hopefully I will get those figured out soon. As usual, here’s the really short change list for this week.

  • Fixed controller devices not getting added
  • Fixed level time showing on finish stats
  • Fixed entities not getting updated in the quadtrees I might delay the next weekly update to Monday 28th because of the holiday, so I could incorporate also Monday’s progress to the update. Thanks for your interest!

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