Weekly Update #37 - Final Boss Fight 14.11 - 20.11

Nov 20, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

This week I finally got an inspiration for the final boss fight of the game! I also made a few new levels for the final base environment.

I themed blades for the base environment and made them a little smaller, which allowed me to make really hard platforming sections. Combining those with some enemies creates some really cool levels!

Such challenge.

Then I finally got an idea for the final boss fight: a huge tank that shoots slow-moving bullets. The tank also has a driver that throws grenades in one of the two phases of the boss. I’m really proud of how the tank looks and I think the boss fight is the hardest one I’ve made, which is also great.


That’s it for this week’s quick update. I’m definitely nearing a state where I can put up a private beta for my friends to test. Anyways, thanks for dropping by!

  • Stopped bullets from passing through electricity beams

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