Weekly Update #12 - Music, Traps & Boxes 9.5 - 15.5

May 15, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I had a pretty productive week, so I’m really exited about this update! Let’s go! The first gameplay addition I made this week is the case boxes. These boxes hide enemies or prisoners. These add more randomness to the gameplay and add a nice element of surprise to the levels. Here’s a gif showing an enemy spawning. Surprise! The second gameplay addition is the missile trap I added. These traps detect targets (currently players and prisoners) and shoot missiles if one goes under them. The traps then disable themselves for a moment, allowing the player to trigger them, dodge, and then walk past them. Watch out for the missiles! As a minor tweak, I also made barrels explode when they fall down to the ground or other boxes. This makes box stacks more unstable and barrels more awesome. Look at those innocent boxes getting blown up. Now, onto the thing I most proud of: a small piece of music! That’s right, I finally got around and finished and polished a synth riff I composed a while ago. Surely the game will need tons of more music, but it’s really nice to get the music thing started too. I also think that this piece will work fine behind a trailer. I really want to get working on that soon. Here’s the song, I hope you like it!

That concludes the stuff I wanted to show. I also made some new levels and fixed all the remaining bugs I had on my tasklist. Here’s the changelist. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Fixed gun bubble showing even when the player is dead
  • Fixed level loading order
  • Fixed sword sound effect
  • Fixed ladder climbing playing jumping sound
  • Fixed menus allowing rapid key repeats
  • Fixed menus playing movement sounds on item borders
  • Fixed explosion radius checking
  • Improved spike feel
  • Made grenadier enemies smarter

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