Weekly Update #13 - It's something 16.5 - 22.5

May 22, 2016 - Olli-Samuli Lehmus

I don’t have a lot to show from this week. I was super busy with school in the beginning of the week, and I caught a spring flu on the end of the week, so I really wasn’t very productive this week. I’m going to be swamped with school stuff the beginning of the next week too, but then it’s all exams so I should have more time to work on the game. The next step is probably going to be making a Greenlight trailer, as I feel the game is in a quite strong state currently. Anyways, here’s the only visual change this week. I made grenades trigger missile traps. I felt that this was an important thing to add, as in corridors that aren’t very tall, it’s easy to get killed by a rocket instantly, which to me felt really frustrating while play testing. So now, as long as you have grenades, you can trigger traps with them. Traps trigger from grenades. I also fixed some more or less minor bugs. The biggest bug fix was that I fixed the weapon lag, that was caused by varying update order. Weapons were lagging behind their yielder’s position, making the game look a little sloppy. Anyways, thanks for dropping by, and I hope that I can show something cooler next week!

  • Fixed elevator movement bug
  • Fixed weapon positioning
  • Fixed level music playing in main menu
  • Fixed trap hitbox size
  • Fixed player animations on elevator
  • Fixed doors closing on characters
  • Added music volume setting
  • Added random weapons to entities

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